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Kris Kourtis almost kidnapped at his residence

Press Release: August 01, 2020

There was a massive security breach at the Kris Kourtis residence in Beirut.
While Kris was on the phone to Victoria Beckham or someone else in London.
3 armed men jumped the gate in order to kidnap Kris.
Ron head of security knew exactly what to do.
They all put Kris in the high security panic room.
Kris would hear screams and shouts.
1 bodyguard was badly stabbed.
Ron took his time and shot 2 of these thugs down. The 3rd one got tackled and handcuffed by one of the body guards.

When the coast was clear Kris was allowed back out again.

Kris called all his friends to tell them what had just happened.

The question is how did they jump the gate when there are 3 very angry Dobermanns outside.
They fed the dogs with poisonous raw beef.
The 3 men were 3 Albanian brothers.

Now they have increased security to the maximum at the Kourtis residence.

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