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Koalesce Designs Introduces New Product to Promote Diversity and Self-expression

Press Release: June 11, 2020

The company’s latest product provides an opportunity for brands to spread awareness while also spreading acceptance and respect.

Mountain View, California, June 11, 2020 - Koalesce Designs, a design innovation agency that focuses on solving large scale problems through innovative solutions, announced today the launch of their latest product, patented Diversity Avatar Stickers. 

Diversity Avatar Stickers introduces a new way to encourage, inspire, and engage today's audience. Available for individual retail and as branded promotional gifts, this new product bolsters inclusion and acceptance in the form of customizable avatar stickers. Stackable sticker collections are available in four sizes, three face shapes, thirteen skin tones, and come in packages (or sticker profiles) that include a variety of hair and clothing accessory options. Diversity Avatar Stickers are designed to represent any race, gender, sexual orientation, or distinct individual expression. 

Every day, individuals use stickers to decorate their laptops, cars, water bottles, phones, and more. We use stickers to share a piece of ourselves with the world around us. Equally, businesses use stickers as promotional gifts to spread brand awareness. Diversity Avatar Stickers acknowledges this trend, as well as the growing need for stickers that represent more than just a brand or aspect of a character, but stickers that also represent self-expression and diversity.  

For their business partners and customers, Koalesce Designs posed the question: What better way to share your brand with the world than through promotional products that inspire, encourage, and demonstrate the beauty of diversity?

Diversity Avatar Stickers give customers the opportunity to completely customize a brand's promotional products. By choosing their own body shape, color, hairstyle, and branded accessory, they create a promotional avatar that represents who they are. What's more, their branded avatar can be placed just about anywhere. Stickers are designed to be used on cars, laptops, binders, water bottles, phones, and any other hard surface where you would normally display a sticker.

Diversity Avatar Stickers are now available for purchase online as well as through customized bulk orders for corporate events, conferences, and trade fairs. In an effort to promote eco-friendly practices, the company also uses 100% sustainable packaging, including plantable paper and recyclable and compostable materials. 

Representation is essential to growing and strengthening the dignity of this generation and the ones to follow. Koalesce Designs works to create products that challenge the status quo, ask difficult questions, and introduce innovative solutions to inspire a world of diverse and unique individuals. Diversity Avatar Stickers is one of those solutions.

For more information on how to purchase Diversity Avatar Stickers, contact Koalesce Designs at diversityavatarstickers.com or sales@koalescedesigns.com.

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Koalesce Designs is a B2B and B2C design innovation startup that provides brand and digital design, creative development for products and business solutions, as well as brand strategy, product research, and project management. Through the company's deep insight and industry knowledge, they serve their clients as an innovative partner to bring full-scale solutions to their strategy, branding, and development needs. 


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