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Knowledge Train to offer virtual classrooms during Coronavirus lock-down

Press Release: March 26, 2020

With the number of new Coronavirus cases growing daily throughout the UK, Knowledge Train along many other UK businesses have closed their doors to the public. This action comes after the UK government announced tough new restrictions on movement of people during the Coronavirus pandemic. As an alternative to classroom training, Knowledge Train is now offering stay-at-home alternatives to its students.

Alternatives include new virtual classrooms and online courses. The virtual classrooms come equipped with multiple communication and file-sharing tools. The hope is for existing students to transition seamlessly into the new course format, while also offering a practical alternative to those stuck at home during the lock-down.

Knowledge Train has expressed a strong desire to create new sustainable business practices and expects others may soon follow suit. Director of Knowledge Train, Simon Buehring says

“The next few months will be really difficult for UK businesses and citizens. What businesses choose to do now will affect how we do things in the years to come. We’re confident we’ve come up with a solution that is sustainable and one that also offers the best possible experience to our customers.”

While many businesses might struggle to remain solvent over this period, Mr. Buehring sees this as an opportunity to explore new avenues of service provision and previously un-tapped markets:

“During the Coronavirus pandemic, companies often have staff sat at home but with no work. Now is a great opportunity to utilise that time for the benefit of both employer and employees. We hope everyone starts to see the benefits that virtual technology offers, and we’re really interested to see how this affects global business practice in the future.”

While Knowledge Train has temporarily closed its London classes, you can still contact their offices for more information at info@knowledgetrain.co.uk, or call them on +44 (0)207 148 5985.

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