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Know your customers' pain points with LiveChatAgent

Press Release: March 31, 2017

What exactly is a customer pain point? Simply put, a pain point is a problem that a customer has that has not been solved or a need that has not been addressed. With traditional support systems, such as email or phone calls, it is sometimes difficult to know the pain points of your customers. The reason behind this is, they may only be heard or received by one team or individual. This affects the service quality of any business to a great extent.

With live chat feature on their website, administrators and supervisors have access to all chat histories. Therefore, management can discover the problems or needs of their customers more easily. Thereafter, they can find effective ways to address and resolve them. This further leads to an improved customer service and an enhanced customer experience. And in the most favorable conditions, it may even lead to long-term customer relationships. So, it is imperative to introduce a live chat feature on your site!

When talking about the best live chat service providers, LiveChatAgent is the best option! We, at LiveChatAgent provide you the best services. We provide you with a set of adequately trained chat agents who are highly capable of assisting your customers. They strive to resolve customer queries in the shortest possible time span. They aim at providing an exceptional customer service to all your customers.

When you offer a live chat feature on your website, people visiting your site feel confident about purchasing from you. This is because a live chat feature convinces them about an all time assistance. Also, they have an advantage of discussing the problems they are facing, through online chat. Everybody is not comfortable about talking over the phone and discussing the issues that they are facing. Live chat is a real time savior in such cases.

You can actually leverage LiveChatAgent's services to know your customers' struggles while purchasing from you. These struggles may be regarding products or payments. Providing such an assistance to your customers encourages them to get their issues resolved rather than moving away from your website. Moreover, when you know the exact pain points of your customers, you can employ the most effective strategies and exempt all these points effectively. All that follows is an increase in sales, profit and customer satisfaction!

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