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KNot for Sale - Taking a Classy Plunge In the Game of Ties

Press Release: February 19, 2018

Kolkata, WB - Competition in the already niche market of classy men’s and women’s luxury accessories has increased with the booming origin of the newly opened company- KNot for Sale(www.knotforsale.in). Launched even less than a week and already rocketing, they are way into a booming start, KNot for Sale has forewarned the other big fish in this segment to sit up, be on guard and take notice. With its unique ranging of products from impeccably classy men’s ties and bow ties to the trending and eternally funky socks to elegant occasional lapel pins and pocket squares, it has already given the Indian shopaholic to explore their classy side at exceptionally affordable prices.

The already limited options and the abnormally high prices of such products in other e-commerce websites in India, make the purchase of these products a rarity among Indian customers. We have all heard of the popular idioms like “Old is Gold” and “Class is Permanent”. Keeping these ideologies in mind, KNot for Sale is determined to deliver class at your doorstep and urge you to indulge in your inner classy self without having to think about making a hole in your pockets. Taking pride and priority in their Men’s Tie section, and with product-prices starting from as low as Rs. 150, this is a company truly striving to live up to its mission and like a strong gust of wind before the storm, boldly making its way among the ranks of the pre-existing big fishes (companies).

About Knot for Sale – KNot for Sale came into existence in the final phase of 2017 in the month of December and is jointly founded by Deep Banerjee and Rahul Mukherjee. It is an Indian retail-based business dealing with luxury products for both men and women, the itinerary, which has already been aforementioned. What started out as a fleeting idea during an evening of banter slowly culminated and took shape into a mammoth venture circulating luxury accessories for men and women all across the country. Owing to the primary focus being that of a “knot”, as the name suggests, the company initially started off with a unique collection of Men’s Ties and slowly integrated other ideas and expanded their genre into other luxury retail products like Bow –Ties, Socks, Designer Lapel Pins and Pocket Squares.

Going by their motto, KNot for Sale basically delivers elegance and sophistication on a platter to all age groups ranging from the broke college goer to the old aristocrat sitting in his leather armchair puffing on his Cuban cigar.

So, the next time you do decide to experiment in bringing out the latent classy Gentleman/Lady within yourself, do visit the site www.knotforsale.in and prepare to be mind-blown, in an admiringly classy way!
To learn and know more about this company, visit -

Website : www.knotforsale.in

Address : 81/1A Bonomali Naskar Road, Kolkata -700060

Office Phone Lines – 9674548387 / 8777801710

Additional Links: Mail - [email protected]

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