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Knock Knock! The Pre-ICO for Pluto Coin is back with 7% Bonus. Grab this Rare Opportunity Immediately

Press Release: April 05, 2018

Technology has always being a boon…….no matter what happens, be it a natural calamity or a manmade disaster, technology knows ways to revive back the situation to normalcy. Let us take the examples of all the industries. The industries have experienced great success after being in sync with machine intelligence. But if we zoom into the insurance industry, we will be able to notice that it did not change since ages and hence several insurers get frustrated as they have to sign documents after documents to fulfill the industry related terms and conditions. As the insurance industry operates on pen and paper, it consumes a lot of time of the insurer thus getting into the nerves of the insurer.

This scenario was not at all favorable and to turn the tables for the insurance industry, Pluto Coin was brought to the picture. This is the world’s first blockchain technology based alternative marketplace for insurance that is bankrolled by Bitcoin. The primary aim of this platform is to eliminate each and every drawback, limitations and challenges faced by the traditional insurance industry. The amazing performance of blockchain technology simply focuses on recording each and every transaction and their details. This increases the level of safety that stands tall against any form of fraudulency.

Along with all these laudable qualities of Pluto Coin, there comes another quality that is just like a cherry on the top of a delicious chocolate cake. That is about the most common form of life insurance taken by the population, the term insurance. A term insurance or term assurance is the one that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. Pluto Coin gives an extremely high life cover at an extremely low rate of premium.

Pluto Coin has just witnessed great success in its first session of Pre ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and have successfully raised 0.76 Million dollars in first week. But, there are several people who are simply regretting the fact of missing out on this great opportunity. But there is nothing to be disheartened about, as the second round of Pre ICO is about to start and will be ending on 10th of April 2018 and this time it is getting bigger and better as Pre-ICO bonus has risen till 7%.

For all those who have missed the mark once, let not it be the final experience, hurry up, pull up your socks and grab each of the great offerings which this safe and generous platform has to offer. All the best.

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