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Knit One sheds a light on how to choose the right wool for a baby blanket

Press Release: May 09, 2017

Knit One is promoting the age old tradition of knitting. They are suppliers of wide range of yarns, needles and patterns. Knit One today is happy to shed some light on how to choose the right wool for a baby blanket.
The brand totally understands, how considerate parents are when they want to provide the blankets for babies. They look for extremely comfortable blankets,which will not pose the risk of irritating their baby’s skin by any chance. As a knitter one can craft excellent blankets but if the quality of wool is not up to the mark, it will definitely not be much of a use. Therefore, Knit one thinks it is important to guide people on how to choose the right wool for knitting a blanket.
Be it choosing a yarn or wool which has good reviews, parents know the best when it comes to choosing best products for their kids. The brand suggestschoosing wool, which is popular and liked by many parents. They also advice to avoid wools which can be itchy, and suggest to opt instead for organic wool which is great in terms of their quality.
Baby blankets take no time in getting dirty, frequently having to wash them with hands can get difficult and is surely time consuming. The brand thus strongly insists on choosing a yarn which can be washed in a machine and also withstand at least a 40C normal wash. Knit One gives a wide variety to choose from which are friendlier to use like cotton yarns, some linens, and sock yarns.
Knit one being the expert in the industry, warns to avoid novelty yarns which are made from unusual fiber compositions and also the one which shed too much of wool. Babies tend to lick or suck on to blankets and no parent wants their child coughing up a yarn-related hairball. That’s why the brand Knitone very clearly state to avoid such yarns despite their exquisite colours. Avoid fluffy single-ply yarns and aim for a smooth, tightly spun yarn as they are much more comfortable and good a long lasting quality say the brand.
The brand also says to choose a yarn which fits the season. They advise to use the material which suits the season because they understand how critically important it is to choose the right woollen blanket so babies don’t overheat.
About Knit One: Knit One from Queens Road near Clarendon Park atLeicester has crammed as many yarns as possible into their tiny shop offering a range to suit different tastes and budgets. They store best quality yarns from top notch suppliers like Debbie Bliss, Rico, Sublime, Katia and many more top brands. There knitting accessories covers full range of straight needles and other accessories. To top it all off they offer good, friendly knitting and crochet advice.
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