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Knit One Announces Unexpected Benefits of Knitting

Press Release: March 31, 2017

Knit One, the brand that is famous for supplying anything and everything related to knitting, sheds some light on few unexpected benefits of knitting, about which many are unaware.
Knitting, a hobby for many has always intrigued many when they were children. But, with ever growing tight schedules and time constraints, people stray away from their interest in knitting as it takes a lot of time.
Yet, Knit One being the expert in supplying every knitting essentials and accessories holds the authority to firmly state that knitting is the hobby that mustn’t be given up or has to be taken up for the beginners due to its various health benefits.
First and foremost, Knit One states that knitting gives a strong sense of pride for anyone who is indulged in it. This helps people to build their personality and improve their confidence level.
In addition to that, knitting is such a process that requires the knitter to work on it with a very strong focus. This at times causes cutting off from the world, thereby giving the knitter a sense of meditation that helps them to attain some peace in this fast-paced, stressful life.
Apart from these, knitting also helps in fighting anxiety and depression. Since the knitter is totally immersed in the act, they don’t happen to think about anything else. This reduces their anxiety level. The sense of pride that is achieved by knitting also helps in reducing depression. Knitting also gives a sense of satisfaction that again helps in reducing anxiety and depression both.
Knit One also states that knitting helps in keeping physical issues such as arthritis and tendinitis at bay as knitting provides great exercise to fingers and writs, thereby keeping them fit.
They say, “Precaution is better than cure”, so better take up knitting to keep your grip tight and hands fits, says Knit One.
Also Knit One states that, the act of knitting stimulates the whole brain at once, that is, it stimulates the frontal lobe (which guides rewards processing, attention and planning), the parietal lobe (which handles sensory information and spatial navigation), the occipital lobe (which processes visual information), the temporal lobe (which is involved in storing memories and interpreting language and meaning) and the cerebellum (which coordinates precision and timing of movement). This helps in helping people with brain related disorders such as Parkinson’s, to improve their motor function. Otherwise for people with no condition, the act of knitting refines their concentration power and makes their brain more efficient.
About Knit One:
Knit One located on Queens Road near Clarendon Park at Leicester has crammed as many yarns as possible into their tiny shop offering a range to suit different tastes and budgets of their customers. They have managed to pick the best yarns from the best suppliers and carry stock from brands like Debbie Bliss, Rico, Sirdar, Sublime, Katia and many more top brands. There knitting accessories covers full range of straight needles and other accessories. They offer good, friendly knitting and crochet advice.
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