Press Release: February 17, 2010

Sometimes, things happen that you really don't want to happen. Sometimes, people meet people who change their lives forever after that thing that really should never have happened, happened. Sometimes, fate happens. Welcome to Kita & The Hat.

When a "Superstar DJ" refers to something as "the most Ibiza-esque track I've heard since Energy 52's Cafe del Mar", you'd be mad not to be curious. With support from Brandon Block, James Talk, Carl Cox, DJ Gregrr, Luciano, Matt Darey, Sasha Stepanovs and Tiesto, Kita & The Hat's debut track "Camino's Groove" has hit the ground running.

"Camino's Groove" is inspired by all things Balearic/Deep/Minmal/Tech House, and Ibiza. The uptempo Summer vibes are being highlighted as a fresh, new wave of sound, ready for the Summer. This track creates an image of sunsets and happiness on the White Island. The Balearic samples created by The Hat are the key driver in making this track so appealing. Constructed with his partner & ideologist, Kita, Camino's Groove is scheduled for release April 2010.

Accompanying the instrumental original is a vocal edit featuring Smiffy Summersson. The Sine Architects front man leads the way with deep, dark, yet intelligent and loving lyrics which transforms this Balearic hit into something almost "too cool for skool".

Kita & The Hat's fan base doesn't end at musicians. Other fans include Wayne Lineker and son Duane Lineker, who have already booked them for three slots in August 2010, and actress/model Marlene Potfer. Marlene, who has recently got through to the screentests for the role of "Aphrodite" in the 2010 film 'Mistress of the Rock', features on the artwork for Camino's Groove.

"Camino's Groove" promises to be a Summer hit. Be sure not to miss it!

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