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Kit Aston Rider electric bicycle kit can be installed on any bike in 5 minutes

Press Release: March 17, 2020

Today, the congestion of cars, passenger buses and gas emitions in cities are collapsing. We all know how stressful it is to wait for a bus, or, if we move with cars, stop at traffic lights, load and pay for fuel, search for parking lots and avoid fines. With the Kit Aston Rider, my invention, these problems are solved. It is an ideal means of transport to avoid traffic and congestion, without carbon emissions and with a smoothly ride. Aston Rider is aimed at all people regardless of ages, for who already own a bicycle or want an electric transportation. For example, elderly people with reduced mobility, or adults to go to work and not get tired or for young people to travel longer distances, among others. Almost everyone has at least one bicycle at home. And can convert it into electric. In the market, there are importers of electric bikes that are worth 4 times or more than my development. My kit is very economical and gives you the same benefits. In addition, it recharges quickly on any plug, just like a cell phone, spending less than a quarter of dollar every 50km done. Three 3 years ago, Aston Rider starting manufacturing complete electric bicycles in an old bicycle factory. As time went by, many cyclists started to ask for an alternative, to convert their bikes into electric ones. So, the Aston Rider realized that the one who has a bicycle, loves it, and doesn't want to change it for a new one. Therefore, Aston Rider developed the first kit that turns mostly any kind of transportation, no matters the shape or size, into electric motorization. It is a compact system, which is placed in a few minutes and without any special knowledge, just tightening one screw... Very easy and practical, and it weighs less than 3kg. Aston Rider have competed and won triple impact awards for this simple and economical solution. Also, i have donated several equipment to people with mobility problems and older adults. They are happy to be able to exercise and move as they please. With more contribution, will help this Start-Up to get more people, no matters his ability or conditions, to move in a sustainable way, improving his lifestyle, mood and health conditions, and managing to lower the emissions of tons of CO2 at the same time. Indiegogo crowdfunding will be opened soon.. Get in touch with us, more info at www.astonrider.com

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