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KINDD, the solution to your delicate skincare

Press Release: February 15, 2021

Whilst working on their personal natural skincare routines Jess & Jess very quickly realised the importance of using a cosmetics fridge in order to keep their products safe and cool, whilst also relishing in the pampering effects of using chilled products on a day-to-day basis.

Many natural or organic skincare and cosmetic products contain ingredients which are sensitive to sunlight and warm environments. By storing your beauty products in the KINDD Fridge you can extend their shelf life and eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria.

The KINDD Fridge was made with skincare and cosmetics in mind. With an optimal temperature of 10°C and an internal storage space of 12L, it is designed to comfortably house a wide variety of beauty products, ensuring they last for longer and work more efficiently. Pop your favourite eye serums, gels and perfumes on the shelves, your facial sheet masks and jade roller in the door pocket, and nail varnishes and mascaras in the spacious drawer. Its cute and contemporary design makes it a stylish addition to your home, and its unobtrusive dimensions (D27 x W25 x H42 cm) allows it to sit comfortably and compactly in your bedroom or bathroom.

In addition to extending the shelf life of your favourite natural products, your skin will thank you for the soothing effects of chilling creams, masks and sprays. Say goodbye to redness, puffiness and irritation, and welcome in a new age of glowing skin and a radiant complexion. 
By storing your products in the KINDD Fridge you will make the most of every drop and dollop of your DIY and expensive cosmetics, saving you money and reducing the amount of waste from packaging and containers. 

We only have 200 products left for our UK customers, come grab yours before it is too late.

Be kind to the environment and be kind to your skin. 

Be your own Kindd of beautiful.

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