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Press Release: May 17, 2014

Hey there I would like to submit this article regarding my dog Duke we are currently trying desperately to get him back home after his destruction application was given at Bristol magistrates on Monday 12 may 2014 It was almost 3 months ago when  two friends and I were walking Duke in the Eastville park, Bristol where I always take him Two dogs came out of no-where and Duke had to defend himself the owner got involved pinned my dog to the ground! to the point where he went blue in the face and started frothing at the mouth I had no choice but to push this guy off my dog who then attacked me, we got into a scuffle, he over powered me and tried strangling me with the dogs collar puncturing my neck and scrapping my head into the concrete, ( please see pics included) he then threatened my friends, He was precise & violently aggressive and militant in his aggression,

I do believe in the isolated spot we were at, down by the woods he would have carried through with his threat of killing me if my friends weren't at least present. The police were called and my dog was seized, they were about to let us go are separate ways as no dog was seriously injured until they noticed Dukes tattoo I had to raise a separate case of assault where this guy is claiming self defence

Despite all of this I really just want my dog back he is innocent in all this the guys hand had a slight scratch from where I tried to release his hands from around MY neck, he then claimed my dog done this to him, I have two witnesses my friends who were with me at the time who are working in London and couldn't make the court date on Monday They gave accurate witness statements which were ignored in court

I din't think I was going to have to answer question however with no funding for solicitor I was cross questioned by Avon & Somerset's constabulary solicitor to make me look like a irresponsible owner as it was put in front the conscious of the judge

The animal rights UK are involved plus dda watch I've posted on every page in the UK and have a petition to sign see link >>> http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/65094

I'm desperate to get my boy back the handlers at the Kennel love my dog and also the police dog handlers recommended his excellent temperament to the court Making the decision that much harder to accept!

I have applied for a retrial and have few days to get 100k in signatures needed to help my case and similar future cases of similar nature I am writing this and pleading for some help in getting the exposure needed to get my dog back as he doesn't deserve this and even thou the signatures wont guarantee his release it can only help build my case and help similar innocent dogs sentenced to destruction just because of his breed Your hopeful Kieran Jones

ps any suggestions and similar press exposure sites welcomed Please Help Me Get Duke back he's innocent!!!

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