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Kids Write 4 Kids winners take readers on magical adventures

Press Release: October 14, 2016

Adding two more titles to its bookshelf of children’s stories, Ripple Foundation’s Kids Write 4 Kids Creative Challenge is now proudly supporting ten youth authors from across Canada. Our 2015-2016 contest winners Alexis Morales of Manitoba and Mya Barnett of Nova Scotia both add tales of adventure to the growing library which also includes fantasy, humour, murder mystery, fables and collection of poetry.

Alexis Morales is the author of A Dog and a Squirrel, a heartwarming tale of two unlikely friends that go on an adventure together. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Alexis loves to write and draw. She also could not pass up the chance to share a story of one of her favourite things: animals!

Mya Barnett is the author of The Big Red Balloon, a tale of a little girl in London, a young man in Texas and a boy in New York City, told from a surprising perspective. Living in Sackville, Nova Scotia, she enjoys painting in her art studio and being inspired by the people around her.

Their stories were selected by a judging panel made up of previous year’s youth winners – Faith Emiry and Christopher Smoleji, along with award winning children book authors Manjusha Pawagi, author of The Girl Who Hated Books and Joyce Grant, author of the Gabby picture books.

For the first time, Canadian illustrator and animator Trevor Keen lent his artistic talents to illustrating the cover art for both titles. All books are available for purchase at the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo. They are also available in print through Amazon. Each store has all previous Kids Write 4 Kids winning titles including Mika’s Fortune, Escape from the Taco Shop, A Murder of Crows, Aristotle & Galileo, A Truly Gross Adventure, Why Peacocks Have Colorful Feathers, Half Asleep and The Wish.

Kids Write 4 Kids is a non-profit initiative by Ripple Foundation to encourage kids to be creative, read and write.
All books are winning titles from the Kids Write 4 Kids annual Creative Challenge and are written by grades 4-8. To support youth literacy in communities across Canada, Ripple Foundation has committed to donate the annual proceeds from book sales to that year’s winners’ schools.

To purchase books written by youth authors for your children, local school or library, visit: http://www.ripplepublishing.ca/category/kids-write-4-kids/kids-write-4-kids-ebooks/.

For more information on Kids Write 4 Kids Creative Challenge and entry details, visit: http://www.ripplepublishing.ca/kids-write-4-kids-creative-challenge/

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About the Ripple Foundation
In 2012, Ripple Digital Publishing started Kids Write 4 Kids as a not-for-profit initiative to encourage kids to be creative, to read and write. Due to the success of Kids Write 4 Kids, in 2015, the Ripple Foundation was established as the official not-for-profit organization to assume Kids Write 4 Kids as its signature creative writing program. The Ripple Foundation believes that creativity, education and imagination are the key components to success, and the foundation is dedicated to fostering these in the lives of youth across Canada. The mandate of this organization is to fund, develop and facilitate initiatives that raise awareness of and promote creativity and education in youth across the country. Visit http://www.ripplefoundation.ca for more information.

*There are no entry fees and no purchase necessary to participate in the Kids Write 4 Kids Creative Challenge. For a full list of contest rules, visit: http://www.ripplepublishing.ca/kids-write-4-kids-contest-rules/.

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