Press Release: November 19, 2020

KID KREATIONS, a British company who specialise in the design and development of childrens toys, are thrilled to announce that Britain’s best-selling, most loved iconic fashion doll is back.

Kid Kreations, who have licensed the brand from owner Pedigree Dolls and Toys Ltd, are excited to be bringing Britains favourite ‘girl next door’ back to the market for the first time in over a decade.  

“When researching for this project, we found it incredibly refreshing that in a world which is so very centred around digital entertainment, there was still a huge demand for dolls within the market, with most retailers featuring a traditional doll at the top of their hottest toys for this Christmas.” Linda Osborne, Managing Director at Kid Kreations.

“Sindy is a true British icon, and as a small UK company we are proud to be bringing her back.”

The 2020 Sindy collection, which has been designed with the collector in mind, was inspired by the original Pedigree design first launched in 1963 and includes 6 dolls, with only 1963 of each doll available worldwide. 

During the design process, Kid Kreations teamed up with professional toy designer Rachel Godfroy who has been designing dolls for over 20 years. She fell in love with Sindy when she was 5 years old and has been obsessed ever since. Rachel is an avid collector herself, so she knows what kind of details a collector looks for and what they love about Sindy.

“Being a part of the Kid Kreations Sindy design team has been the best project I have ever been involved with. I’ve been part of designing the doll’s face, head and body, making prototypes and patterns for the superb outfit designs and creating the fashion illustrations for the packaging.” Rachel Godfroy.

The simple yet classic 1963 Sindy dolls conveyed the absolute essense of 60’s fashion when they were released. The 2020 designs were inspired in exactly the same way by taking current designer trends and using them to define Sindy’s new look.

The new doll reflects the high quality and attention to detail that Sindy has always been famous for. Each iconic collectable has her own exquisite fashion accessories including miniature designer shoes, handbags and metal jewellery. All presented in a stunning gift box.

Each Sindy doll measures 10¾” tall and comes with a fully articulated body, twist waist and silky soft rooted hair and eyelashes, making her the dream purchase for any collector.

The Sindy doll limited edition collectors’ range has been available to pre-order since September but stock is hitting the warehouse this week ready for delivery.

The very first set to arrive in the UK has been gifted to a member of the royal family, so hopefully we will get royal approval.

Dolls can be ordered directly from www.sindycollectorsclub.co.uk at £79.99 each.

About Kid Kreations: Kid Kreations Ltd is a toy development company based in Stone, Staffordshire. As a company we passionately believe in the design and quality of each and every one of our products. Kid Kreations are the designers behind two successful doll brands sold exclusively into Argos – DesignaFriend and Tiny Treasures. Since the launch of DesignaFriend in 2011, Kid Kreations has designed, produced and distributed over 2 million DesignaFriend dolls worldwide and the DesignaFriend Sisi Doll was voted the Number 1 Christmas Toy for 2020 by Argos.

Kid Kreations was also voted Toy Supplier of the Year in 2012, 2014 and 2015 for the Number 1 Toy Retailer in the UK, with our number 1 range being named the range of the year for 2016 by Argos.

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