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Keys to a successful business from Parker Worldwide, Look for the good and you become the good.

Press Release: December 14, 2009

Its easy, what you look for you will find! If you chose to look for problems then you will find problems. Its a mindset, if you look for the good or bad in life then their is plenty of both to be found. Ask any successful business man or athlete then you'll see they chose only to see the positive, the good and to praise those around them.

The problem is its easier for people to locate the bad and to criticise and make excuses in life than it is to change and praise the good. We are surrounded by bad news if you look at the tabloids then you'll see no end to bad news, on average the headlines are 10-1 bad to good news, full of others problems, the downfall of politicians or the demise of celebrities and sportsmen as results of scandalous behaviour. The tabloids cash in on the negative as it sells papers, website fill their forums with problems and scandals as it attracts hits and increases their advertising cost on their sites.

Yet in our daily lives we more than welcome good news especially when its directed to us personally. If we all reciprocated this in our personal and business lives then we continually impress and motivate our colleagues, friends, family members, bosses, future bosses, clients and customers which can only lead to more success. If there was a critical choice to be made then lets face it, the positive or negative person, who would you chose?

"looking for the good in others can only make you good yourself"

The challenge is to rise above all negative criticism and welcome constructive criticism. Negative criticism is where others have made comments out of fear or jealousy which are intended only to hurt or damage others and the result is to make others feel bad, there is never any gain in doing this it can only lower others opinions of you for casting judgement and causing future employees to raise concerns to whether you will in future return the negative and damaging criticism against them, lowering the success of their business.

It far better to seek out the behaviours, attributes and success of which you approve and praise them with simple compliments, making you look more professional and welcoming to future business, clients, customers and employers. Most businesses and people, welcome compliments and approval no matter where it comes from. Its great to know that others admire your hard work, high standards and integrity, this is really motivating and makes the person offering the praise a very attractive team member, client, boss etc..

This even gives you the edge for interviews, for instance when visiting the company on your interview day look for the good in the company and praise that back to the interviewer. When meeting your prospective new boss for the first time and praising all the things you like about your previous employment and even mention how you was really impressed by the secretary at their office and how she was charming, professional and welcoming can only make you a more attractive future employee to any business or organisation.

Just ensure your compliments are genuine and sincere, there is nothing worse than a false complement eroding and ruining your reputation.

"Look for the good and you will become the good"

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