Press Release: February 23, 2021

Keya Cox's Bazar is like life since it incredibly works for individuals of Cox'sBazar. The primary explanation for setting up a ngo is to help and work for individuals. It was established by MRs Nazma Akter

It actualizes its all exercises focusing intentionally to ensure privileges of the objective ladies and kids. It proceeds with its all endeavors to KEYA responsibility through mainstreaming sex in a participatory advancement measure. It works together with various neighborhood, public and global NGO's and Government Departments in understanding their shared objective of ladies strengthening, basic freedoms, sexual orientation, climate, and instruction, provincial and metropolitan turn of events. 

It imagines a general public with improved climate human respect and security. Its main goal is guided by individuals' desires that essentially contributes in changing the current financial status of target gatherings; encourage the need-based administrations centering to diminishing sex separation and improving ecological status that will yield neediness decreased better life by upgrading individuals' abilities, activities and responsibility followed by the standards of basic freedoms, administration, sex and value. Reinforce compelling individuals' cooperation at all phases of program planning, arranging, usage, observing and assessment outfitting neighborhood and outside assets that will contribute enormously in practical social change. KEYA works in accordance with Target Group Approach just as Community Approach followed by the standards of basic liberties, great administration, sex affectability, value and interest focusing on destitution decrease. It gives equivalent accentuation to KEYA booked stations and ethnic gatherings as target gatherings. 

Setting up a positive climate for the bad-to-the-bone and hindered individuals especially ladies and youngsters to have the option to get coordinated, improve limit and ability for request and guarantee admittance to their privileges and essential administrations for social, political, calamity the executives and financial strengthening. 

Building certainty, expectation and independence among the burdened and denied individuals through association building. 

Expanding information, bringing issues to light levels and changing conduct rehearses through non-formal instruction, inspiration and preparing. 

Guaranteeing practical advancement through mainstreaming sex value at association and local area levels. 

Creating maternal and youngster wellbeing status through essential wellbeing administrations and sustenance training. 

Making pay acquiring and independent work age openings by giving specialized help and credit. 

Creating ecological harmony through social forestation and regenerative farming. 

Advancing the general Child Rights Convention (CRC) through mindfulness raising, instruction and recovery. 

Doing people group oversaw debacle hazard decrease and the executives exercises to lessen the impacts of catastrophic event, environmental change issue and lower the quantity of passings brought about by catastrophic event and improved jobs. 

Debacle readiness is the foundation of any improvement mediation in waterfront Bangladesh. Presently an Earth-wide temperature boost turns out to be more hazardous for living souls. Living souls must be shielded from the variable rages of nature. Tornado and the flowing upsurge, dry seasons disturbs ordinary life and results in limitless wretchedness. With a little external assistance they are more ready to dominate the difficulties they face. 

KEYA actually working with a similar energy from starting.

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