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Kent Mindfulness - the best of three mindfulness- based approaches in one

Press Release: October 15, 2019

Kent Mindfulness is a new collaboration that combines the best in Mindfulness and Meditation skills in Kent through professional/ personal life coaching, meditation training, mindfulness courses, retreats, workshops, holistic counselling and events.
Kent Mindfulness builds on the experience and skills of its three founding partners (Tracy, Robert and Michelle) who have collaborated to bring you the benefits and choice of their individual areas of expertise.
Mindfulness, Meditation, Coaching and Wellbeing practices are key, practical and fundamental tools. They help us develop personal and professional resilience and that enable us to cope and thrive in everyday life.
"Imagine learning calmness, focus and relaxation in your own way and in a format and time that suits you”
Within Kent Mindfulness you can choose how and when to access our services. That could be face to face or over the phone with 1-1 Coaching; through our workshops and retreats where you can mix and meet other people interested in Mindfulness or via free resources on our blog posts and podcasts.
Our professional courses and coaching also extend to organisations and we can talk to you about our bespoke client services that bring the benefits of mindfulness and wellbeing practices to your workplace.

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