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KeepYourWomanHappy.com launches in time for Valentines Day

Press Release: January 18, 2010

Press Release

The most sensational, funny, useful and helpful website blog to arrive on the internet to attempt to answer the elusive question, how do you Keep Your Woman Happy..

The site acts as a portal for gifts for women, sourcing, researching and delivering thoughtful and inspiring gifts that make it far easier to make the person you care about most, your friend, your lover, your partner, smile, be happier in your relationship and appreciate each other more.. It is the thought that counts.

KeepYourWomanHappy.com is fun, its meant to be fun, from the frank and open blog that shares the authors attempts at making his partner happy, the successes, the good intentions gone wrong, the reasoning behind the site itself, to inviting couples to try new things together, whether that is orbing down a side of a hill to just getting away somewhere romantic together, it is thoughtful, thought provoking and fun.

The logic and practicalities are built in, making the partner in your life happier and feeling loved, makes your life easier and happier also, the sites function is to make that easier for men. Incorporated in to the site is a Calendar reminder service, you need never forget an important date again, anniversary, birthdays, when you first met date, to whatever date is important, can be set in the free reminder service, sending out email and/or SMS notifications directly to you, at intervals set by the user, no need for last minute rushing about or forgetting completely there is now someone there to remind you for free.

KeepYourWomanHappy.com is reaching out, with a bit of thought, a little care and a proactive approach to your relationship, it can make your life as a whole so much happier, better together and enjoyable for everyone.

With Valentines Day approaching it became the ideal time to launch this remarkable site, it doesnt have all the answers but it is asking the right questions, I would like to extend the opportunity to discuss further with people, media groups, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, to open up the debate on what does make a woman happy, is it really so difficult to put some thought in to that and could we not be having a much better laugh together.


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