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Keep Yourself and Your Surrounding Safe with Ambicam’s WiFi Thermal Camera

Press Release: June 10, 2020

Nowadays, social distancing has become the new normal. With the pandemic spread almost all over the world, everyone is looking for smart solutions to keep themselves and their surroundings safe. Shutting down a business or any working place for a long time is not a great decision, but at least you can take measures to ensure that your space is free from any type of risk.

Taking into account the increased need for checking visitor’s temperature, and marking employees’ attendance without having to touch any object, Ambicam has launched an innovative product – Smart Cloud Thermal Camera.

Ambicam is the leading brand, offering the best CCTV and surveillance solutions. They’ve also exceeded customers’ expectations with creative security solutions, and the latest Smart Cloud WiFi Thermal Camera is no different.


The one product is made with an objective of fever screening, and it helps in monitoring visitor’s temperature from a safe distance. It ensures that sensitive people such as the elderly, disabled, and indigenous people can use public places safely. This camera features Wifi support, rechargeable battery, cloud storage, and more.


The other product launched by Ambicam is crafted with an objective of facial recognition. It verifies the identity of a person using their face. There are various benefits of getting this camera installed including high precision recognition rate, seamless integration, automation of identification, and more.


The WiFi Thermal Cameras by Ambicam are suitable for airports, the health sector, hotels, restaurants, offices, subways, showrooms, banks, and almost all other places. Meeting customer’s satisfaction is the top priority of Ambicam, and their goal has always been to provide world-class products, and that too at reasonable prices.


So, stay safe, and invest in this amazing security solution by Ambicam.


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