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Keep Happy and Hydrated with Water Coolers from Crystal Clear

Press Release: April 21, 2010

The human body is made up of seventy percent water; health experts reassure the public that in order to stay healthy in life, drinking sufficient amounts of water is the key. Crystal Clear; leading UK supplier of water cooler systems can supply any working or study environment with refreshing, cool and clean filtered water.

In working situation such as schools and offices, experts have shown that concentration is improved thanks to the installation of water coolers around these environments. Crystal Clear can provide excellent quality products including water coolers, water dispensers and the necessary accessories to keep clients thoroughly hydrated and healthy.

With a culture occupied with weight loss and obesity cases on the increase; dietary experts recommend that two litres of water be consumed every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Crystal Clear can not only provide the bottled water coolers for the work and home space, but also ensure that regular maintenance is carried out to any of the water dispenser products. If a working environment is serving a large number of people, Crystal Clear offers a solution in the form of plumbed in water coolers- providing easier and faster access to a fresh supply of cool water.

Will Reber from Crystal Clear talks about the benefits of using a water cooler to stay hydrated and happy a water cooler system is the perfect alternative to constantly paying out for numerous amounts of bottled water, it will also free up any fridge space in the office and home usually occupied by said bottles without compromising colleague access to a supply of fresh, clean and cold water

The browse the range of water cooler systems available from Crystal Clear, or to make a service enquiry visit the website on www.pure-watercoolers.co.uk.

About Crystal Clear: Crystal Clear Products (2000) Ltd is an Essex based company, founded on 1st January 2000. They supply water cooler products and services to thousands of customers across 7 counties. By putting the needs of customers first and foremost, Crystal Clear Products has earned a reputation for high quality products and un-paralleled customer service.

When the heat is on and summer's in full swing you can rely on us to get you water when you need it the most. Crystal Clear also will ensure that your water cooler machine is sanitised and maintained in optimum condition every three months so your water tastes the way it should.

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