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Keep Better Track of Your Employees' Office Timings with Max Clock Cards from NTR

Press Release: September 21, 2017

Northampton, England –09/21/2017
Northampton Time Recorders is offering great deals on clock-cards to help you keep track of your staff’s working hours, break times and shift patterns. Clock-cards are used in many organisations for better productivity and efficiency.
Clock-cards are a great way to motivate staff to reach office on time, not take long breaks and have a good attendance record. Clock-cards eliminate the frustrations of a manual process and automate the entire system of a company.
Max clock cards are business card sized cards which are allocated to each employee of an organisation to use it for clocking in and out with the clocking in machine. One good thing about clock cards is that they can be used with any model of clocking machines. Clock cards consist of several boxes which should be filled out when each employee receives their card.
The timing of an employee is automatically printed on the max clock card when it is inserted into the clocking machine. A max clock card has enough space for six clocking in and out times to be recorded, accounting for multiple breaks or shifts in one day. The total number of hours can also be calculated and printed on the max clock cards at the end of each day.
Max clock cards can do a lot of things for an organisation; it will make the job of payroll staff much easier and also allow staff to keep track of the hours they have worked in a day. It makes it easier for employees to access information without having to go through the human resources department. Employees feel empowered when they have access to their own information.
NTR expert technicians are said to have years of experience in making and providing Max clock cards to their customers. Apart from providing max clock cards, they also deal in various products and services such as; Clocking machine, Time precision 400 clocking cards, Dam clocking cards, Job cost cards, etc. to know more get in touch with them today.
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