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KBS Training launches Robotic Process Automation Online Training

Press Release: August 09, 2017

KBS Training has launched Robotic Process Automation Online Training (RPA) for the benefit of IT professionals and learners. With over two decades of IT experience in online training, KBS Training has reached globally offering online training in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The new addition of RPA training has come in the light of due to the rise in need of certified RPA professionals.
With excellent faculty and infrastructure, the trainees have the benefit of accessing tutorials speedily. Teaching all about RPA and tutoring the practical and theory aspects, trainees will gain perfect knowledge about applying the principles of RPA in real-time work atmosphere.
As many SMEs and small business owners opt for RPA implementation, it’s now necessary to achieve certification in Robotic Automation. This course is all about implementing a software “robot” application that functions like a human being while interacting with the user interface of a computer system. Coded as User Interface (UI) software robot works in the same fashion as a human works on tasks. Upon learning RPA, employees will be able to configure and interact with software “Robot.” Some of the other tasks of RPA are – manipulation of data, fast processing of a transaction, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.
The top highlights of opting for Robotic Process Automation online training are – equipping fully functional capabilities to navigate on software “robots” and fixing issues and enabling accuracy on every IT task. As the implementation of RPA is done across every sector, there are dramatic improvements in accuracy and cycle time along with increased productivity in transaction processing.
With access to RPA, companies save costs and overhead expenses while training employees for prevention of duplication of works and repetitive tasks.
“We launched RPA online training as many of our clients have expressed their views for recruiting certified RPA professionals. Also, our training calls for in-depth learning giving status of working mode, not just limited to theory learning. Particularly our faculty can help train any IT professional at junior, middle or senior level. In the present scenario, Robotic Process Automation online training is crucial for every IT worker in the industry.” Veerabhadra Rao, CEO, and Founder of KBS Training says.
KBS Training has invested nearly 5Million for launching Robotic Process Automation online training and 5Million for product promotion for global reach. For helping global workforce to learn and gain from RPA training, KBS Training is working dedicatedly for promotion of the training program.
“Our digital marketing is planned in a way that is easily understood for native and non-native English speakers to quickly follow the content or video and reach us with their queries. Our marketing team is online 24/7 to give guidance and helpline to our customers.” Praveen Kumar, Digital Marketing Manager, KBS Training says.

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