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Kangatel Launches Indirect Access for Your Mobile Phone

Press Release: March 01, 2010

For many years, customers have been able to get cheap calls to other countries by dialling a short pre-fix before a telephone number. Up until now this service called indirect access has not been available for mobile phones in the UK. Kangatel is now launching indirect access for mobiles in the UK.

With traditional indirect access the company offering the access was also charging their customers. With Kangatel the calls are still charged by the customers telephone provider, but at Kangatels low cost, so that customers dont have to worry about unexpected bills.

Kangatel is currently able to provide the service with T-Mobile, 3-Mobile (contract and PaynGo) and with Orange PaynGo with a future view of bringing on more networks.

A call to an Australian, Polish or German landline from a mobile phone is charged at only 3p per minute, and to an Australian mobile phone just 10p as opposed to 15p using a service like Skype Out. Literally, no other charges apply with Kangatel.
Pre-dial the numbers '29 03 57' for the above countries and then the destination number, that's it.

In the current economic climate everyone is seeking to save as much money as possible while still receiving a high level of service. This is why we chose to launch this type of indirect access service now, explains Louise Cayzer co-owner of Kangatel.

Key benefits:

The majority of telecoms suppliers round up to the nearest minute, Kangatel charges to the precise second, thus giving customers considerable savings.
No top-up fees or connection fees apply.
With Kangatel customers are not locked into a service contract, therefore no time is wasted with creating accounts to use the service.
No registration required, no credit cards needed to use the service. No contracts, no hassle, no worries. Users are asked to dial a short pre-fix number from their mobile phone - That's It.


Additional notes:
Indirect access as opposed to calling local rate numbers such as 0844, 0845, 0906 numbers to lower the cost of calling long distance numbers, are typically charged at a higher rate from mobile phones, dependent on the users package.

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