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Kaitlyn Morell Goes Live On Instagram

Press Release: November 25, 2017

Kaitlyn Morell actor/model has worked her way into the hearts of many by singing for her fans and followers on social media, engaging in several requests to go live. Recently signed to Real Hot Stars Records Owned And Operated By Futurebigstars, Kaitlyn has been seeking out her path of success since the tender age of 4. The music business as we all know has taken a turn for the worse and has allowed the online users to download copy written music for free disabling the artist from making money from there hard earned time and money spent in the studio. Real Hot Records in dispite of all of the music woes has still chosen to attack the music world head on no matter the odds. Kaitlyn has a strong will and a fight to be successful. "I have never seen a person so courageous and strong and determined" says Mark Wilson Head Of Real Hot Stars Management. We cordially invite you to come watch as the world keys in to see Kaitlyn sing to the world and capture her life long dream.

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