Press Release: March 30, 2020

  1. Hi everyone I want to let you all know that my new sci fi novel is coming out on may 9th on Barnes and Noble and also on iTunes. The title is KABALI. The novel is all about diego Reyes whose father is a famous philanthropy in Mexico. Diego has a mystical friend in Mexico before travelling to the United States to further is education. Few weeks after he travelled his father died due to the operation he had in the United States. During Diego school graduation his mother and sister came to attend the ceremony. Reachoy the airport an incident happened that led to Diego mother and sister death. Diego witnessed who killed his family. Diego and the people of mexico made the United States government investigate the incident. This was during the period were the new law concerning the immigrants was implemented. Since there was no evidence regarding the incident the United States government decided to close the case. Diego vow to revenge is family death which led to him forming a terrorist group. He wanted the government to admit their mistake and also to cancel the new law regarding immigrants. Will Diego succeed in his quest or will he end up creating war among countries, or will there be need for Diego to unleash KABALI find out. This is the first series of KABALI please don't forget it will be available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, scribd, Amazon. God bless the people of United States and GOD bless me

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