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K9friendsunited.com.... Started from the cab of a Lorry!

Press Release: April 06, 2010

This is one of those rare, inspirational and enterprising stories that unfortunately tends to get lost amongst all the doom and gloom in our economic climate.

It is a refreshing and feel good factor story of one man's sheer determination, self belief and the ability to succeed when all the odd's were totally stacked against him

How on earth does a long distance lorry driver who has no formal training in computers or web design, doesn't even own a dog, create the first ever UK Dog Social Network www.k9friendsunited.com with almost 1500 members on it in a matter of months. It has no funding, no sponsorship, no backing from any Multi- National company in fact it was all done first of all on paper, then on a second hand laptop that cost £95 and the office was the cab of a lorry.

It all started for Diarmuid Scullin when driving through towns and villages on his long haul journeys he began noticing that people out walking their dogs were always walking on their own. It was a rare occasion when you would see two people walking together or even stopping to talk to each other. After listening to a radio programme one night as he sat in his lorry (in a lay-by near Kidderminster) about social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo, a simple idea came to him when he thought if dog owners didn't have the time to walk or get to talk to each other, a social networking site might be their answer. It would bring them together, they could talk to like minded people about their dogs, make friends, arrange walks and it would open up a whole new world for dog owners to celebrate with their dogs.

Thinking about a web site was one thing, setting it up was another, he simply had no idea, not a clue of how or where to begin. So after putting all his ideas down on paper he went to a number of web designers and told them of his intended plans. Their reply wasn't very encouraging, they told him that not alone was he stupid but the whole idea was stupid, nobody in their right mind would make a web site for dogs, actually on one occasion he was laughed out of an office.

Undeterred and rather let down by their smart comments he decided to do teach himself how to make one. He bought book after book, magazine after magazine, every night when he was parked up, every available spare minute he had, he would sit for hours studying them, writing all down on paper and then hours trying to make sense of it all, he had to make the impossible possible, giving up was not an option. Now after a year and a half of tireless work, a brilliant result is achieved.

Today all k9friendsunited.com members are treated to a first class and unrivalled service. It's just like having your very own web page where you are in complete control of it. You can swap, change, add and edit any of your content at any time, you can create your own Profiles, Videos, Picture gallery, Blogs, Forums, Games, Instant messenger and Polls.

There is a Lost and Found and a memorial Rainbow Bridge section, plus you can get all the latest news, views and information on canine issues as well as professional expert advice (more content is still being added). So if you own a dog/s, thinking of getting a dog or perhaps just like dogs in general but haven't got one, no problem everyone is welcome to join, Membership is 100% FREE.

Pardon the pun but in this instance I just have to say it; The Underdog has clearly come out on Top. This is a fantastic user friendly web site and one that has opened up a whole new world for dog lovers everywhere. If you love dogs you are certainly in for a treat when you join K9friendsunited.com, for when all is said and done you'd be barking mad if you don't.

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