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Just Released: Apple TV digital signage for free. Now Free.

Press Release: April 22, 2020

Small businesses want to add digital signage to increase customer engagement. However, business owners are reluctant to adopt new technology due to unclear results and increased costs. ez plus created a digital signage solution to clear up the confusion and minimize the costs--all the way to zero...FREE! 


The Co-Founder Kevin Jones, said that they wanted to build something their friends who own small businesses can use, something which would allow them not to pay for cable TV, and something that could test engagement. ez plus has all of that and even more in development. The software was born from a conversation with friends who have TVs in their stores and wanted to display a variety of different menus and product pictures on the TV. The business owners also mentioned their reluctance to continue using digital signage products, as well as what they paid to use these products, i.e. monthly service fees. To try to solve their problems, ez plus was created and today you can find them on the Apple TV app store as well as the iPhone app store (used to configure what is shown on TV). 


The digital signage app can be used to test engagement with no cost. In addition to showing a digital menu, the store can also display their advertisements to increase sales, i.e. the Happy Hour Margarita ad can be displayed from 4pm to 7pm on Thursday. To understand if the ads were effective, the store owner/manager can compare the store receipts from the digital ad Thursday to the previous no ad Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. The ad is uploaded to the TV via an iPhone app, which is super easy to use. 


While it's nice to show ads on TVs, customers are interested in entertainment and/or informational content. Cable TV content is a solution, however, it’s expensive. To help stores lower these costs and still meet the customer’s desires, ez plus implemented a feed page. The feed page pulls weather, news, and stock updates from the internet—all of which are configured via the iPhone app. This saves stores $80 per month by not subscribing to cable TV. 


Try it for yourself. 

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