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Press Release: January 20, 2010

Just Do Property is targeted at UK property investors and is like having your very own virtual assistant collating all the relevant and current information already on the internet and filtering it into an easy to use format. Membership is free and additional services are being developed all the time to ensure that you Just Do ... Property as opposed to spending endless hours surfing, browsing and researching online.

They have also gathered the top UK experts to bring you a comprehensive picture of current property strategies, with regular articles covering Buy To Let, Land Finding, Property Options and LHA to name a few. Alongside this their Just Do It section covers how to get going whether that be via Estate Agent, Auctions or various other means.

Their resources and education sections include relevant news from the industry and broadsheets, specific Property News feed filtered by Just Do Property and an Events Diary listing all the UK Property Networking events.

Sign up now at www.JustDoProperty.Com and receive your free E Book The UK Definitive Guide to Property Networking Events, then browse and use the site so that you can Just Do Property.

About Just Do Property

Dynamic husband and wife team Julie and Alec Hanson from Manchester, UK are passionate about property development, investment and portfolio planning.

However, when they started out in the property game they both agreed that the one thing that would have fast tracked their business and learning would have been a one stop online portal where they could access advice, support, ideas and products on how to build a property portfolio. Along with access to online mentors and the opportunity to connect with both novice and accomplished property entrepreneurs.

Surprisingly, this did not exist. So they created it!

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Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Julie HansonJulie Hanson

Tel: 0161442897701614428977

Email: julie@justdoproperty.comjulie@justdoproperty.com

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