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Jupiter Transit 2017: The time of Equality & Togetherness!

Press Release: June 28, 2017

As the Planet of Luck and Prosperity, Planet Jupiter is all set to bring good times to life after the transit of Serious Planet Rahu & Ketu. Find out in detail how it would affect you on the personal and professional level.

The movement of planets and their effect on life has become one of the biggest talks of the town. With slow moving planets laying major impact on our lives, their transits are challenging the course of life in different ways. Where karmic planets Saturn and Rahu Ketu are already in transit or about to be, their effect on different aspects of life is giving tough lessons to most people.

During this serious transit apart from with the signs in which they transit, the others are also witnessing alterations in life both in negative and positive aspects. According to Vedic Astrology, being malefic planets Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are likely to influence the malefic effect of other planets too.

This period or dasha can provide to be A harsh and strict phase for some and bring forth time of sudden gains for others simultaneously. It completely depends on the placement of Planets In your birth chart, how they would affect you and essential aspects of life.

Once these serious and mysterious planets settle down into a sign, it is time for the Guru Planet to transit. On 12th September 2017, Planet Jupiter will transit into sign Libra and is likely to bring with self a time of positivity, prosperity, and abundance.
Known as the opulent planet Jupiter represents success, growth, happiness and makes life’s journey smoother and fortune filled.

As Planet Jupiter will transit into sign Libra ruled by Planet Venus. The transit of Jupiter in each sign signifies its behavior. So, according to the study, the transit into sign Libra will highlight aspects like health, professional life, romance life and day to day life. It is going to encourage equality, togetherness, peace, and harmony. During this transit, the mental horizon will expand and people will understand the point of view of others.

Indeed this transit is going to be super blessed for some and not so great for some depending on the placement of Planet Jupiter in their birth chart. You might want to know what effect it would lay in your life then here is where you need to reach.

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