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Junee systems Limited announce the launch of www.HereAfterMe.com

Press Release: March 09, 2010

The HereAfterMe concept recognises that as we live life to the full, we may inevitably begin to consider how we will be remembered and the important messages we would like to leave behind.

The service is internet based and customers can choose from a variety of templates and options to customise their own collection of both public and private web-pages using words, pictures, and video. HereafterMe includes a sophisticated built-in messaging service through which a customer can leave email, SMS text, or postcard messages to be delivered only when the customers own pages are activated.

HereafterMe is very easy to use and it can cost as little as £10 to create an impressive public page which can be visited by family and friends and which will be displayed forever.

The service allows its customers to securely edit and maintain their own pages and messages for as long and as often as they wish, right up until the time they are Activated by a trusted friend or the executor of the persons estate after they have died.

HereAfterMe is open to everybody, but it could be an attractive option for people who work in high risk situations, for people in mid/late life groups, and anybody who wants to create a lasting series of family memories.

Mike ONeil, Managing Director observes We believe we are offering a unique and valuable modern service which will bring comfort to many people and which will allow any one of us to know that our final words, our lives, and our messages are shared as we always intended.

HereafterMe Key Features
A customer can buy and combine as many items as they wish to build up their own legacy
Your own Username and Password your account and pages stay private until Activated
Public Page - made visible forever, your own words, pictures, videos, your global voice
Private Page - made visible for one year after first viewed, accessed using a private code, words, pictures, videos ideal for your spouse, maybe close friends, or perhaps clubs and teams,

Email / SMS/ Postal Notifications as many as you like, each can also be linked to a Private Page
Activation Certificate - a presentation certificate containing your Activation codes to be stored with other important papers or given by you to your trusted representative or executor.

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Michael O'NeilMichael O'Neil

Tel: 01572 77149001572 771490

Email: mike@HereAfterMe.commike@HereAfterMe.com

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