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Jovonnie (Jadar Records)

Press Release: December 03, 2009

Jovonnies popularity is owed in part to her record label, Jadar Records. Jadar Records is known for cultivating real talent and creating new hits reminiscent of classic R&B. When Jadar Records CEO, Janet Brown was asked to comment on talent, Jovonnie, she stated "Jovonnie is definitely someone to lookout for".

We signed her almost on the spot because we sensed that the market was going to be very open to her classic R&B style made new for today. With her on our roster, we can confidently say that Jadar Records is a force in making certain that a full spectrum of R&B offerings is available to the music scene."

Jadar Records CEO is definitely on target with their assessment of the market and thus has been successful in gaining a hold of the R&B market share.

Look for Jovonnies music at major online retailers: iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, emusic and Jadarrecords.com music store.

To find out more information about Jovonnie and where shell be performing next, visit http://www.jovonnie.com.

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