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JOS an innovative app for Android and iOS logs into an exhaustive world of services and jobs on offer on a single platform

Press Release: January 19, 2017

Jobs On Sight International Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Ahmedabad, today formally rolled out an innovative GPS-based hiring application for all jobs and services, available on iOS and Android, that promises to be a unique platform in the job recruitment space.
The apputilizes cutting-edge technology that has been deployed to assimilate every kind of blue and white collared jobs on a single platform. For the first time, all unorganized sector jobs have been listed under a single umbrella as well.
“With the Jobs On Sight (JOS) app, the whole world of all jobs and services comes right to your fingertips. We offer you over 20 industry sectors to choose from. Our app is uniquely designed to be communicative and convenient. And it removes middlemen. Your jobs and services hunt is smooth and secure, at the same time respecting your privacy.” said Avinash Sondhi, Founder & Managing Director, JOS.
“Be it skilled or semi-skilled individuals, be it novices or top notch corporate honchos, we cater to all. And this is our unique proposition as opposed to any other job site online today. With JOS we are effectively bridging a social divide. More importantly, we are giving the unorganized class of workers something to look forward to, instead of uncertainty. They can now plan their day ahead. Students get to experience JOS for free for a month,” said Guenter Stallecker, Co-Founder & Director, JOS.

So, you may be an employer looking to fill the vacancies in your office with the best skill sets or you may be a job hunter searching for the best pay package and employer. You may also be online looking for service providers for your daily needs. Be it a plumber, mason, mechanic or a driver, now, everything will be right at your fingertips with a quick swipe on your smartphone.
By default, the JOS app scans and features jobs and services within a 5 km radius. But that is not a limitation. The new-age mobile application is geography agnostic. Through the JOS app, one is free to upload the curriculum vitae, spot an ideal job, engage with a prospective employer or employee directly, do a video chat or call and fix an appointment at a mutually convenient time. Data transmitted is absolutely secure. Sitting at your location, one is at will to spot opportunities in the US and other overseas locations.
Led by Avinash Sondhi, Guenter Stallecker, Luk Abert and Pirmin Schroff, Jobs On Sight International Pvt. Ltd. was set up in August 2016 and is asubsidiary company of Germany-based JOS International UG, mingling the best minds of both countries.The company already boasts of over a 1000 subscriptions within a short period of time, mostly in Ahmedabad without any aggressive marketing initiatives. JOS boasts of wide range of 25 categories and 100s of subcategories to choose from.
JOS has endless opportunities waiting to be tapped and experienced. To download now please click www.q-r.to/bafxCv
Subscription packages
For interested users, Jobs On Sight has created packages, separately for employees and service providers as well as employers and service seekers. These are modestly distributed into monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly subscriptions at Rs. 115, Rs. 345, Rs. 690 and Rs. 1380 for the employees and service providers. For employers and service seekers, subscription rates are at Rs. 575, Rs. 1725, Rs. 3450 and Rs. 6900 respectively. Validity of the service packages differ from 30 days to 425 days accordingly for both.
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