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Jolly Good Media Joins a Nationwide Global Effort to Support Data Privacy Day by Signing On as a DPD Champion

Press Release: January 28, 2016

Hundreds of Organizations Collaborate to Generate Awareness About the Importance of Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data, and Enabling Trust

—Today Jolly Good Media announced that it committed to be a Champion of Data Privacy Day (DPD) ‒ an international effort to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. As a DPD Champion, Jolly Good Media recognizes and supports the principle that organizations, businesses and government all share the responsibility of being conscientious stewards of personal information by respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.

Data Privacy Day is part of a greater effort, the privacy awareness campaign, which helps consumers understand how they can own their online presence and reminds businesses that privacy is indeed good for business. Jolly Good Media joins the growing global effort among organizations, corporations, educational institutions, government entities, municipalities and individuals to raise awareness at home, at work, and in their communities. Through collaboration and unified, consistent messaging about data privacy, all DPD Champions will work toward the common goal of improving consumer and business consciousness while encouraging and empowering all digital citizens to be more aware of their privacy.

“We’re excited to participate in Data Privacy Day and spread awareness. We’ve noticed that many of the businesses we work with are not adequately prepared with knowledge about how to protect themselves or their customers online.” -Matthew Broderick, Technology Director

“We were motivated to change this and make sure our clients stay informed with the latest security practices. We want to be part of the solution and spread the word to business owners nationwide.” -Lark Ismail, Managing Director

Security is important to Jolly Good Media because many of their clients collect customer data or payment information online through their websites. If that sensitive information isn’t handled properly, they are putting their customers at risk. Identity theft is a huge problem in the US. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 17.6 million US residents experienced identity theft in 2014. Jolly Good Media encourages business owners to make digital security a priority for their business and helps them learn to stay secure.

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Jolly Good Media provides web design and marketing to small and medium sized businesses. They work to help businesses share their story online with responsive, eye catching web design and proven strategies to reach target audiences.

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About Data Privacy Day (DPD)
DPD began in the United States and Canada in January 2008 as an extension of the Data Protection Day celebration in Europe. Data Protection Day commemorates the Jan. 28, 1981, signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. The National Cyber Security Alliance, the nation's leading nonprofit, public-private partnership promoting cybersecurity and privacy education and awareness, leads the effort in North America. The Day is advised by a distinguished advisory committee of privacy professionals. The initiative is made possible by generous support from our sponsors: https://www.staysafeonline.org/dpd.
DPD and the privacy aware campaign are spearheaded by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a nonprofit, public-private partnership dedicated to promoting a safer, more secure and more trusted Internet. For more information about how to get involved in DPD and the Champions program visit https://www.staysafeonline.org/dpd. You can also follow the campaign on Twitter at @DataPrivacyDay or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DataPrivacyNCSA and use the official hashtag #PrivacyAware to join the conversation.

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