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John F. Kennedy, A war hero

Press Release: January 29, 2010

The world was stunned when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and there have been many conspiracy theories floating around the media ever since. From Lee Harvey Oswald to the CIA; there have been numerous accusations with evidence seemingly pointing in all directions. Many people are convinced of Oswalds innocence while others agree with his guilt. All that we know for sure is America lost a great president that day and the new film King Kennedy studies his assassination, along with those of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, hoping to shed some new light on the happenings of that fatal day.

As with many US Presidents, Kennedy boasts a strong military background and after being turned away from the US Army in April 1941 due to a problematic back he went on to join the US Navy a few months later. It was during his time working in the offices where he briefed information to the Secretary of the Navy that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and Kennedy was soon attending the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Training Center and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps before he was assigned to serve in Panama. He went on to do duty in the Pacific Theater and soon worked his way up to lieutenant status through which he found himself in command of a patrol torpedo boat.

In 1943, the boat Kennedy was in charge of was attacked by the Japanese and he was thrown onto the deck of the boat onto his troublesome back. He managed to lead a swim to shore with his men; one of whom was badly burned from the attack and Kennedy pulled the man to a nearby island with a lifejacket clenched in his teeth. After getting to the island Kennedy led his men to a second island where they were eventually rescued and he received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his services to his men and his country. He went on to receive many honours including a World War II Victory Medal and two bronze service stars. All of which he later admitted he felt he did not deserve and in true Kennedy style he played down his military service by stating he only became a war hero because they sank my boat!.

King Kennedy is a documentary feature film about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. There is no narration nor are there any actors, which make it unique as viewers are free to see original footage of all three deaths without any propaganda attempting to sway opinions. All three men worked hard to change the way the world judged others with civil rights, fair treatment and justice all primary targets. Unfortunately their hard work all came to the same heartbreaking end as both Kennedys and King were killed for their passionate beliefs and attempts to make the world a better place.

Catch the trailer of King Kennedy at www.kingkenendy.com and make your own opinion on what really went on behind all three murders.

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