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Joe Stephens Named “Best Double Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney”

Press Release: December 03, 2019

Joe Stephens Named “Best Double Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney” in Houston

Every year, over one million personal injury cases are filed in different parts of the United States. Around 5% of these cases go to trial, and the remaining 95% get settled pretrial.

One of the main reasons personal injury cases get settled pretrial is due to the personal injury lawyer’s preference of negotiating settlement amounts as opposed to offering quality legal services to their clients.

As accidents and injuries increase in the United States — due largely to the negligence of implementing satisfactory safety measures — victims of these misfortunes incur huge losses and frequently seek the help of a professional personal injury law firm. As such, the number of law firms offering personal injury services has risen in direct proportion to the increased amount of victims seeking legal help.

While such lawyers are a dime a dozen in the US, quality personal injury attorneys — those on whom the plaintiff can rely and expect to receive fair compensation — are surprisingly rare.

Typically, a personal injury lawsuit is a weighing of the plaintiff’s loss against what is considered an adequate compensation. The personal injury lawyer in charge of the plaintiff’s claim is given the responsibility of preserving the inherent rights of their client. A proper lawyer stands by their client every step of the way, explaining the process and stages of a trial while ensuring that the plaintiff’s rights are well defended.

In recent years, Joe Stephens has emerged as one of the most reputable personal injury accident lawyers in Houston, handling all types of cases from auto accident, work-related injuries, wrongful deaths, refinery accidents and other serious injury cases.This boutique law office has built up a significant amount of prominence and stands out among the hundreds of personal injury law firms in Texas.

Unlike some legal service providers, The Stephens Law Firm is not a “settlement mill” with a focus on hurrying through the legal process in order to collect a settlement. Instead, their services focus on ensuring their clients are awarded the proper amount for their personal loss. They offer every client personalized representation, taking into account the type of accident, the degree of injury sustained, and the overall complexity of the case.

All things considered, the attorneys at The Stephens Law Firm are highly trained and experienced, possessing strong knowledge in handling personal injury cases in the Houston, Texas area. They are dedicated to their clients and committed to fighting for their rights, regardless of the complexity of the case.

About The Stephens Law Firm – Joe Stephens is a double board certified personal injury attorney in Texas and is considered one of the best personal injury lawyers in the Houston area.
With over 30 years of experience in handling, negotiating, and successfully settling hundreds of cases for Houston injury victims, Mr. Stephens has an impressive catalog of satisfied clients.

Being one of the most qualified injury attorneys in Texas, Mr. Stephens has been honored as a “Texas Super Lawyer” for over a decade. He also holds the record number of won personal injury cases heard in front of the Texas Supreme Court.

Mr. Stephens has consistently obtained favorable verdicts, setting a record of successful monetary settlements in Texas. He is well-known across all sectors for his winning reputation, particularly in cases involving motor vehicle accidents and he is one of the top Houston motorcycle accident lawyers.

The Stephens Law Firm handles all types of personal injury cases — car accidents, commercial truck accidents, worksite injury, injuries because of defective products, medical negligence, and wrongful deaths.

Recent wrongful death and personal loss claims gained for clients have ranged from $2.5 million - $10 million. What’s more is that if The Stephens Law Firm handles the case, clients only pay for the firm’s services out of the monetary recovery.

Mr. Stephens has authored three books — The Texas Accident Bible, The Survivor’s Legal Guide, and Hiring the Right Injury Lawyer. If you live in Texas and have been affected by a life-changing accident, please refer to one of the above books and call The Stephens Law Firm for a free consultation.

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