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Job Fair at Univeristy of Birmingham, UK

Press Release: October 15, 2015

Looking for employment can be one of the most frustrating experiences especially when you are green in the job market or when you have been involved in the job hunting process without much success. Many people have missed their opportunities in the job market simply because they just didn’t know how to approach the job search process. 2o top recruiters that were approached concerning this subject agreed to one fact; that there is more to looking for a job than meets the eye.
It is unfortunate that not many people are willing to take their time to learn the tips and tricks of job hunting. They would rather spend more time job hunting than take time to learn the market and land their dream jobs in the shortest time.
Ever wondered what the 20 top recruiters have to say about this subject. Are you interested in knowing what these recruiters would say about your resume? What does a model resume look like? How do you go about a successful job hunt? How do you develop an eye for great job opportunities?
There is only one place that you can find answers to these crucial questions. It’s all happening at gradshowlive. If you have not yet heard about it, the date is 16th October 2015 at Council House, Victoria sq, Birmingham B1 1BB from 10AM to 4PM. What’s more, entry will be free.
Gradshowlive is a job fair like no other. It brings together 20 top recruiters in the job industry who for the first time are willing to come down to the jobseeker level and offer valuable insight into the entire process right from resume crafting to landing that dream job.
What does it cost you? Nothing compared to having an audience with 20 top recruiters in the UK.
Whether you are a student, a fresh graduate right from school, or you have been engaged in a cycle of job hunting without any success, or you are simply waiting for your next big of a dreamjob, this is the place to be. How about opening yourself up to a world of job opportunities from potential recruiters?
Here is a chance to have your CV assessed in the best CV clinic. You will also have your skills assessed with top recruiters in the job market as you take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself in such a forum.
Nothing beats an opportunity to network with leading employers in the industry and fellow job seekers or land your dreamjob just when you didn’t expect it, or better still, getemployed on the spot by a prospective employer. Your next big job might just be knocking.
You are just three days away from your dream job now.
Register now at http://www.whatson.agency/gradshowlive/registration/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/whatsonuk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatsOn_UK
To confirm that your registration is successful, visit http://www.whatson.agency/gradshowlive/registration/

Gradshowlive is a job fair you cannot afford to miss. Miss it and miss out!

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