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Jisc’s access management service now available to education institutions around the world

Press Release: January 08, 2019

New partnership between New Era Technology UK and Jisc to deliver state of the art cloud services to the global education sector.

Jisc, the UK’s technology solutions organisation for higher and further education has appointed New Era Technology UK, a global provider of educational cloud technology, as partner for their Liberate service.

This new partnership means that education institutions around the world will now be able to access Liberate. The cloud-based service provides a gateway between organisations’ active directories and all three of Jisc’s access management services, making it possible for them to provide their users with single sign-on access, simply and cost-effectively.

What does this mean for staff and students? Put simply, it makes access to all online content and services provided by their education institution available through one login – whether that’s mobile internet via Eduroam or accessing lectures from their VLE (virtual learning environment).

Dawn Mulholland, CEO of New Era Technology UK says,
“We’ve been working with Jisc for over 12 months to develop a partnership, which is of significant strategic value to both parties and will enable us to offer a solution to the global education market which is both unique and provides real and tangible benefits to the organisations we work with.”

With over 50 years combined experience of working within education, Jisc and New Era Technology are working together to provide the education and research sectors with first-class digital infrastructure, through services which create efficiencies as well as strengthening security and access for education institutions.

Josh Howlett, Head of Trust and Identity at Jisc, said:
“Liberate enables our members to reduce the time and effort spent on managing multiple access management services. It’s great to now be working with New Era Technology to pass on the benefits of this service to institutions beyond the UK.

By integrating New Era’s Identity and Access Management solution - Able+ Cloud with Liberate, we combine two world-leading products addressing identity and access management respectively . Our breadth of experience, built on the backbone of Jisc’s Janet network, means we understand the complex identity issues institutions face. This new partnership will address the need for high levels of security and access for education providers, wherever they’re based.”

In a rapidly changing digital world, educational institutions need technology solutions which will improve not only the internal efficiencies, but the overall digital experience for their students and staff – Liberate does both.

For further information or enquiries, email liberate@jisc.ac.uk.

About New Era Technology UK
New Era Technology UK are part of the global New Era Technology Group. With 21 worldwide offices, 650+ staff and over 6500 customers in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand - New Era Technology group work cross-sector to deliver solutions that securely connect people, places and information in a rapidly changing digital world. The latest innovation in their technology portfolio is Able+ Cloud. For more information visit https://www.able-plus.com/

About Jisc
Jisc is a not-for-profit providing the UK’s national research and education network, Janet, and technology solutions for its members – colleges, universities and research centres. It is funded by the UK higher and further education and research funding bodies and member institutions.
Jisc does three main things for its members:

• Operates and develops the super-fast and secure Janet Network and its built-in cyber security protection.
• Helps save time and money by negotiating sector-wide deals with IT vendors and commercial publishers
• Provides trusted advice and practical assistance on digital technology.
• Jisc’s vision is for the UK to be the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world.

For more information on Jisc and Jisc Liberate visit - https://www.jisc.ac.uk/liberate

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Victoria Hart, Marketing Manager, New Era Technology

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