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Jind Group Ltd. Supports Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Press Release: March 30, 2020

Los Angeles, CA – 15 Feb, 2020:  Jind Group Ltd. has 80% share in the dye sublimation market in China. The organization manufactures and supplies top of the line dye sublimation transfer papers and fabric printers to textile companies in China, Australia, the USA and the UK.

Dye sublimation printing has grown over the years due to advanced technology that allows it to transfer multi-color images on to fabrics made of polyester and surfaces coated in polymers.

Compared to other types of fabric printing, dye-sublimation is most sustainable. The transfer paper used in the dye sublimation isn’t wasted like it is in heat transfers; instead it is converted into gas from a solid state after being exposed to heat.

Garment manufacturers that use dye sublimation have printing presses similar to those that are used to print newspapers. Large scale dye sublimation isn’t just environmentally-friendly but also helps saves costs. Instead of using multiple small size sheets, manufacturers use a single large sheet of transfer paper. The transfer paper goes from a solid to a gas state after being exposed to heat, leaving no waste behind.

At a time where fashion brands are under immense pressure to be more environmentally-friendly, dye-sublimation presents them with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fabric printing. Eco-fashion brands that have embraced zero-waste policies can benefit greatly from our sublimation transfer papers and printers.

We supply high-quality disperse dyes and transfer papers at affordable prices. Our strong position in the market allows us to offer customers prices that are lower than our competitors,” says a spokesperson of the company.

Not only is dye sublimation more sustainable than other fabric printing techniques, it also produces high-quality images that don’t fade or crack. In heat transfers, the dye sits on top of the fabric but dye sublimation infuses the ink with the fibers of the textile using a heat press.

Jind Group Ltd. sells a variety of dye sublimation transfer papers that including normal, fast dry, full sticky, semi-sticky transfer paper and more. Customers can buy sublimation paper that is 100 meters in length; the width can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirements.

The transfer paper sold by the company ensures consistent color transfer with minimum wastage of ink.  The transfer paper sold by Jind Group Ltd. is compatible with major fabric printers in the market.

Jind Group Ltd. has its own research facility, production line and quality control department in China so its products are sold at lower prices than its competitors.  

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