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Jewellery An Important Part Of Life!

Press Release: October 25, 2018

Who doesn't like jewelries these days and one of the best way to have good jewellery is to have more and more options in whatever you buy. why people are demanding more and more different types of jewellery these days it is been posting the Jewellers to create a new type of product and design every single day and that has led to creation of this jewellery casting machine to help with the market demand.

Lets see what Jewelry casting is: it is the process by which a wax pattern is created & into a jewelry mold and then filled with molten metal like silver or gold to create a custom piece of jewelry. Let’s see how this process works:

1. Most jewelry is manufactured starts with a wax pattern at first. Jewelry manufacturers will then take the wax pattern and use plaster of Paris to create an “invested” mold.

2. Once the mold is made, Jewellers will put the mold into oven until the plaster hardens and takes the needed shape.

3. In the oven, all of the wax will melt out of hollow cavity inside the mold of the pattern created from wax.

4. With a wax-free mold, manufacturers will then pour molten gold or silver into the hollow cavity with a gold casting machine in case of gold jewellery.

5. After sometime, the mold is thrown into a bucket of cold water and mold will separate. The Jewellers then pull out a piece of jewelry.
whenever it comes to gold casting one has to be very clear as a jeweller that which company that used for getting their gold casting machines created s every company might not have the best products possible.

Delmar India is one such company that creates some of the best machineries and equipments in India and are in this field of jewellery machinery for decades now and known brand. whenever it comes to Gold casting machines they are one of the best.

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