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Jeremy Gluck Releases New Online Album

Press Release: March 09, 2010

Jeremy Gluck served his apprenticeship with The Barracudas. Their
debut (EMI, 1981) "Drop Out" is considered seminal. In late 1986, with Nikki Sudden (Swell Maps, he made his debut solo album. "I Knew
Buffalo Bill", Nikki and Epic Soundtracks (Swell Maps, Crime & The City Solution, These Immortal Souls), Rowland S. Howard (Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls) & Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Gun Club). It's been lauded ever since and is due as a deluxe vinyl reissue. "Burning Skulls Rise (1988) had its title track covered by Lydia Lunch, and was used in a soundtrack.
Thereafter Jeremy worked with Bad Seed Mick Harvey, and Metal Urban
founder Eric Debris. In 2008 he released a new solo album, "Victim of
In late 2008, Jeremy hooked up with Marty Thau, who discovered and
managed the New York Dolls and whose Red Star Records stewarded
Suicide's eponymous debut LP. This brought the transition Jeremy sought from legacy cult artist to creative maverick. The Cabon Manual, based in Bristol, is ambient poetic genius. The "Whisper" EP features mixes by Brendon Moeller, Dub Gabriel, Lola Dutronic, Marty Thau and Amurgit.
Upcoming work with Brendon Moeller and Dub Gabriel - plus new work
with Superczar and Dave Fuglewicz, is the future Jeremy Gluck is writing.

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