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Jennifer Jamilah Douglas Abubakar - The Philanthropist

Press Release: September 28, 2019

Philanthropy means to help underprivileged and Jennifer Jamilah Douglas Abubakar is a Philanthropist because of her work done in favor of human mankind. She has devoted her time and knowledge and founded the non-government organization named Gede Foundation. She always advocated a good cause that benefits society. The members of the foundation dedicate their time to researches to resolve the problems of underserved and denounced health burdens. In 2015, they had joint research with IHNV (Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria) team on the issue of depression, alcohol use, and suicide attempt among the HIV/AIDS population in Abuja.

Jennifer Jamilah Atiku has worked for improvement on HIV/AIDS children and their family members. She works to support Orphans and Vulnerable Children and encourages more on children's education and medical. She always wanted to set high-quality treatment and care for HIV/AIDS people. Jennifer Jamilah Douglas Abubakar has continuously worked for the welfare of people having mental health issues and addresses its growing concerns. She dedicated herself to education for herself as well as for others. Jennifer Jamilah Atiku is highly educated and kindhearted and always tries to spread her knowledge to Nigerians.

Through her philanthropic foundation, Jennifer Jamilah Douglas Abubakar tries to be more and more helpful to those who need it. She puts her complete energy and thoughts to do charitable causes. So, she targeted HIV/AIDS concern which was getting ignored for a long time and spreading in the country. Jennifer Jamilah Atiku with her team did laborious training and research to provide treatment and care to the people who are suffering and guided their family members too.

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