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Jard launches its new line of natural and organic makeup products. Be naturally gorgeous...!

Press Release: March 04, 2010


Jard is especially proud to announce their launch of natural and organic make-up to todays health conscious women who seek natural, high quality, affordable and versatile products. We are strong believers that make-up should not reconstruct the face but enhance natural beauty and allow gorgeousness to shine through. And, those with sensitive skin and are suffering from acne and rosacea, finding a skin-friendly make-up product that will not exacerbating their problems can be very challenging. explains Celina Wilson, founder of Jard. And so we created a line of make-up that is not only good for skin, it also enhances a womans beauty by accentuating her unique personality. Jards mineral product range gives a weightless airbrushed finish and will leave skin looking flawless, luminous and healthy, with a youthful sheen.

Not all make-up is created equally, some popular brands offer mineral make-up that contains a small amount of minerals along with many of the harsh ingredients and irritating additives of traditional make-up such as bismuth, oxychloride, talc and fragrance. Celina Wilson states We believe that health should never be sacrificed for beauty. Our products are made of the only purest and most redefined form of ingredients; there are no fillers, no talc, no chemicals, no dyes, no oils, and no preservatives - just 100% pure and bare minerals.

Within Jards exciting new range of natural mineral make-up they offer Powder Foundation that is perfect for every skin tone. With no oils used in manufacturing the product, and with almost weightless character, many women have reported that Jard mineral powder foundation feels like wearing no make-up at all. The fluid Aqua Foundation with pure mineral base that smoothly slides over the skin, creating a heavenly glow and flawless finish. Highly concentrated, skin-hugging Blush and Bronzer that gives skin a radiant and luminous look; a wide range of lush Eye Shadow shades with lustrous, silken sateen finish, and a gorgeous selection of Lipsticks and Lip-gloss to make your lips irresistible!

In the next several weeks, Jard will introduce new products which will include natural and organic skin care and much more.

Jard strives to produce products that have a minimal effect on the planet, yet provide maximum results. They do not test any products on animals.

Having recently launched the website, Jard invites you to come and visit our showroom at www.jarde.co.uk.

Celina Wilson

PO Box 493
Welwyn Garden City

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