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Press Release: February 25, 2021

“A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple'comes together - Rajumar Jain Matrimony.

With a firm belief in the heart, valuing the Genuinity and Trust in a Relation, I started my endeavors of RAJKUMARJAIN Matrimonial services.

It’s a beautiful two decades of voyage filled with satisfaction of innumerable families.
My dream was to establish service to exclusively Jain - Matchmaking services with an End-to-End personalized care.

I have seen the world travel from a fewer information to inseparable misinformation, in the beginning days of services I personally ensured every family with personalized services from all corners of marriage system.

Now, We take pride in announcing that Words of trusted contentment, has flourished our services.
Our competent team has made it sure that, the same qualitative and true services are provided for every family that reaches RAJKUMARJAIN matrimonial services.
Though, there is no alternative for the parental care, but Our team has made it ‘simplified’ and hassle free for a parent in choosing a perfect partner for their child.

“The humble emotion of gratitude in the family member’s eyes defines the amount of bliss we have gathered in these 20 years.”

Jainism is the epitome of Purity and Simplicity; the marriage is the at most symbolic representation of its values. Bond of Two souls and Two families define the future of the beautiful coming generations. To make it a better world MARRIAGE remains the foundational block.
Rajkumarjain Matrimonial Services stands high in establishing that foundation firmly with all the concerns fulfilled.

We are happy to announce that our services are exclusive to the JAIN community. The large database and network we have built since these long years served as the primary connecting entity. To reach the wider arena, to connect more bonds, we have determined ourselves to provide our services on ‘online platform’.

True Service is the True Success we believe in.
 Just like, How a marriage is not a one-day affair- Our credibility of services is also not a short-term gratitude. Our experience of connecting thousands of families has made us believe in the ‘Honesty and Transparency of Services’.

Rather a superficial assurance like any others, the transparency we provide in the process of matchmaking makes us earn the trust of the family and we end being the most trusted part of their extended family.

Trust built on the Practical path itself is the Genuine one. Our services are not based on not a commercial customer – company relation but we manifest them with conversations, concerns and care.

When the rationality of credibility is associated with a touch of pleasant reality of emotions, then it is RajkumarJain Matrimonial Services.

Bonding the Bonds, Connecting the Families with Transparent, True and Timeless – RAJKUMARJAIN matrimonial services.

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