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Jaberi Lawyer Is Gaining Popularity for Its Family Reunion Visa for Non-EU Residents

Press Release: June 05, 2020

The residents of Germany often wish to reunite with their non-German family who lives outside the European Union. This reunion can be permanent or temporary. The immigration authority of Germany supports this reunification of families, so they have established a special kind of visa for this purpose. This can be applied by the non-EU residents so that they can join with their family residing in Germany. Jaberi lawyer is one of the companies that is helping the non- EU residents to reunify with their family, and helping them get the entry permit, the blue card. This thing authorizes the holder to re-enter, and remain in the country that has issued it. Their family members can join them too. The blue card Europe benefits are more as the holder families are given the freedom to freely roam within Europe. With the help of Jaberi Lawyers, the EU blue cardholder can enjoy equal treatment with the residents of the member state where they are staying currently. 

About Jaberi Lawyer

They are a law office of Saeed Jaberi situated in Hamburg, Germany, and they assist all businesses and individuals from non-EU countries with every type of immigration services, also their specialty is in family immigration matters in Europe, Blue Card EU, skilled worker Immigration, Business Immigration and so on. They also help third-country nationals to obtain family reunion visa Germany, which can be a long-stay visa and can be extended on a later period. By this the families can go for a fiance visa, marriage visa, and spouse visa or any other member of the family, and he or she must have to be a relative to the family in Germany. The philosophy of their law firm is to provide customized and personal services to all clients in the fields of Blue Card, Citizenship-by-Investment, and Residence-by-Investment. They pursue a strategic and methodological approach with their services. Jaber Lawyer is very experienced and they are aware of the processes and ways that should be followed to get valuable, fast, and positive outcomes, so they can give better benefits to their clients. They are the provider of legal advice in family reunion visa Germany, Administrative tax and law, Economic Law, and labor law. Jaberi Lawyer is efficient with its multilingual legal team, so they can communicate with international clients in different languages. They provide services in, Chinese, English, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, Persian, Russian, Tajik, and Afghan. 




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