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Izzul Iman Zainal created his own art production "Lóinórs Art"

Press Release: October 25, 2020

Although he had no formal academic training, many scholars and people regard Izzul as the exemplar of the “Versatile Artist” or “Art Man”, an individual of “creative person” and “super imagination”. He is considered as a talented individuals in Malaysia. He also knows how to sing, and good in martial art. He specially created one production named Lóinórs Art for his art collections.

Izzul Iman Zainal born in Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, Izzul was educated in primary school Sekolah Rendah Ayer Hitam, secondary school Maahad Ahmadi Gemencheh, then he continued to study a degree of Bachelor Quranic and Sunnah Studies with Honours in high institution Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM). Much of his earlier working life was spent in the service of artistic work in Malaysia.

Izzul is renowned primarily as an artist. The Tunku Azizah Portrait is the most famous of his works and the most popular portrait ever made. It was the most detail sketching of all time. The portrait was sent to Istana Negara (Palace of Malaysia) and received to the queen in 2019. Izzul’s sketchings and preparatory drawings together with his notebooks, which contain sketches, drawings, and his thoughts on the nature of arts. Compose a contribution to later generations of artists.

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