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IvisaRussia Finds the Right Russia Work Permit Visa for You

Press Release: July 16, 2020

If you are looking for a Russia work permit visa, go with IvisaRussia to get a visa to Russia faster and quicker.

If you are looking to enter the Russian Federation for employment, you may need to have a Russia work permit visa. This visa can be valid for up to 3 months and can only be issued for a single entry. However, it could be issued for multiple entries as well. One can extend the period of stay, stating just causes. In some instances, highly qualified specialists can enjoy the validity for up to 3 years.

The passport should be valid for no less than 18 months and required while applying for a work entry visa. Dates of the visa's validity should correspond with the dates mentioned in the letter of invitation by the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs in Russia or a telex from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The visa can be extended as per requirements. The concerned will verify the grounds for extending the visa. If they find it worth extending, they will give a green signal. A work visa can be extended only after the extension of a work permit. It is crucial to start the process in advance, allowing enough time for each step. Failing to extend these documents can cause foreigners to leave the country and go through the whole procedure again.

The process of obtaining a work permit includes the need to get documentation from both the company and for the citizen of a country outside Russia. IvisaRussia specifies all necessary documents necessary for foreign citizens to obtain work permits. These documents include a notarized copy of passport, diploma, letter of invitation from the GUVM, a letter from employer with job details, work location and dates of contract, a medical certificate confirming the absence of diseases, etc.



Documents from the company required for the work permits to citizens from abroad include paid stamp duty and the package of documents prepared by the experts of IvisaRussia. Processing time for obtaining permits for a recruit is by and large one month. All papers are scrutinized. In some cases, citizens from other countries can get the permit within two weeks of applications.

The visa can be extended for highly qualified specialists, allowing them to live and work in Russia for three years. The employer shall assess the skills and qualifications of foreign citizens they wish to recruit beyond the specified period.

The application for the renewal of work permits for such cases must be made at least thirty days before the expiry of such authorization to Managed Migration Affairs of the Russian Federation in Russia or its territorial body with a request for renewal of permits for highly qualified specialists.

Additionally, all other necessary documents in support of requests should be provided as well. The associates at IvisaRussia possess the know - how to get a visa to Russia.

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