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ITS Bridges the Digital Divide and Connects Bolesworth Estate with Ultrafast Broadband

Press Release: November 25, 2016

In the heart of rural South Cheshire lies the beautiful Bolesworth Estate. Bolesworth is a modern forward-thinking Estate with an exciting portfolio of business, leisure and residential properties.

However, all was not as perfect as it seemed, households and businesses on the Estate and in surrounding communities had become increasingly frustrated by the lack of broadband that has significantly hampered their day-to-day life.

Matthew Morris, Estate Manager at Bolesworth commented, “We struggled to find a service provider that would be an alternative to the BT Openreach deadlock. The distance from the exchange was one of our key challenges. Although we had considered other service providers, it was ITS that had the ability to deliver a commercial and domestic model so we could provide an inclusive solution.”

Bolesworth and ITS have funded the design and build of an innovative wireless solution which will now provide connectivity to hundreds of properties and forms the basis for further expansion in to other areas.

The network has been rolled out across parts of South Cheshire enabling those living in these rural locations access to high-speed internet.

Roy Shelton, Chief Executive Officer of ITS said, “We worked hard to find a way to successfully deliver a viable yet affordable service to the area which has been overlooked by many providers for years. Our innovative approach involved looking beyond the boundaries of the Estate in order to help deliver high-speed connectivity to the wider area, therefore enabling us to provide the community with the service they so desired.”

The challenging topography meant that ITS carried out detailed site surveys making sure they were able to deliver the service before the project formally commenced. All stakeholders and relay sites were fully engaged and committed prior to the build, the roll out then went swiftly and smoothly as planned. The first customers are now receiving ultrafast broadband and voice services.

Matthew Morris concluded, “This innovative approach to connectivity has enabled some businesses and residents to achieve further savings by removing their BT landline. High speed connectivity essential to the long term viability of rural communities.”

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