Press Release: March 29, 2010

DEMAND BUILDER from Lemon Interactive is a breakthrough Internet marketing service that drives traffic to websites irrespective of Google rankings. It is well known that most sites do not generate all of their traffic from search engines and now more than ever social media marketing is playing a part in driving traffic to sites. Recently Facebook took over from Google as the most visited website in the US proving that search engines are hitting a new plateau.

Paul Sagoo, Director of Lemon Group, parent company of Lemon Interactive, said, We have been in the SEO market for some time now and have enjoyed, in my opinion, the best in terms of what commercial success it can offer. We believe the time has come to change course and increase our game by a significant degree. Over the last 3 months we have been working on some new services, which completely eradicate the risk to clients of taking on an SEO programme. Many SEO clients have told us in the past that paying for results rather than a fixed fee seems fairer, so we responded last month with the launch of Performance SEO, our new results based SEO program.

Paul continued, But it is time to up the game once more and focus on what clients really want, which is a service to drive traffic to their website. After all what is the point of high rankings if there is no one hitting your site! As a result we have created DEMAND BUILDER a new website traffic generation service from Lemon Interactive, which drives up Internet traffic to your site. It works by looking at the entire Internet experience and all links to your site rather than just search engine derived traffic.

So what about the charging model, how does Lemon Interactive charge for such a service, Paul said, Well its simple, much like Google Adwords we create a charge per visitor to your site and thats how we base it. We have been asked why clients should not just use Adwords in that case? Well, we are not saying dont use it, but actually it is not the best form of traffic creation because of the growing cost of keywords, the constant irrelevancy of the traffic and of course the click-fraud issues that many clients experience.
DEMAND BUILDER from Lemon Interactive is one of the first website traffic generation services in the UK and is set to change the way SEO companies work with their clients.

On a final note, when asked about the future of SEO and traffic generation Paul said, SEO is dying, the market is saturated with poor players charging silly money for shoddy services. We are putting our financial neck on the link by charging to drive traffic but ultimately we are doing the right thing by our clients and hopefully this should translate into an even more successful business.

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