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Italian start-up MQB presents innovative kids pedal car in New York

Press Release: October 17, 2015

This week, the Italian start-up MQB presented their first project at the Italian Trade Commission in New York – kid’s pedal car made of cardboard and plastic PLA, completely 3D printed.

Many of us had some kind of pedal car when we were little and who did not like to cruise around the backyard with it? Today, presenting a pedal car for kids does not seem like a major event but the version of the Italian based start-up MQ brought it to a whole different level and it is not surprising that their event at the Italian Trade Commission in Manhattan was a big success! The “Automobile 36” is completely 3D printed and all parts are customizable, from the joystick for the steering to the licence tag! The body in cardboard instead comes in a neutral color and can be personalized by the kid and is interchangeable! Leaving room for the kid’s creativity and fantasy is the most important characteristic of the pedal car for co-founder and designer Michela Montanini: “This little car is a complex product, made of cardboard and plastic, completely produced by us It’s not a simple a product to consume but an educative toy because the kids can personalize it and use their fantasy to do so.” A truly innovative product that is for sale in the new online shop of the start-up. In the future, you will be also able to simply buy the file and 3D print it at home with a domestic 3D printer. That might still sound very futuristic to many but is a closer than you might think! The future is now!

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