Press Release: June 27, 2016

Italian designers are leading in the world of fashion today. There was a time when American fashion was on the top of the list. But now this is the era and time of Italian fashion.In fashion industry, Italian menswear is liked the most of all.
There is a fact about the Italian suits that these suits are about wear ability, veracity and simplicity. There is always a secret behind a suit because in every single stitch of the suit there is the work of a master. Many artists are working in the history of Italian fashion who are best to hide the flaws of a body. They know very well to hide a big stomach or to broad the wide shoulders.
• The background of Italian menswear:
The history of the Italian menswear started from the perfection of the tailors who started this industry. This is the fact because who ever ordered for this kind of dress code, these were the tailors who gave these orders a proper form.
• Castangia:
Castangia is one of the most renowned houses of the Italy that launched their tailored suits. This was the brand that first of all ruled as personal tailoring and now it has been ruling all around the Italian men’s suits. The fabric that they used in their suits was shiny. This shiny fabric used to give an imminent look to this designer suit.
• House of Zegne:
Zegne first of all opened its school of fashion in Biella. It started to sale good fabric for suits. These fabrics were sold at good and affordable rates. This was the reason that at this time, affordable suits were prepared that were ready to wear for a normal class man as well.
• Pitti Uomo, Italy:
Pitti uomo first started at domestic level. It was the later time that they started on international level. This brand is also well known all around the world and now as well, is in top of the list. Traveling tailor did a great job for this purpose and became a reason to flourish this business.
• Armani menswear, Italy:
Armani appeared in the history of fashion adding a jacket with him. He started his business on international level and soon started making progress because he was doing a great job in his perspective. It was his time when men’s suit jackets were on the top and people used to love to wear them. These were the crumpled jackets that became fashionable. He introduced a fabric that got extremely popularity and this fabric was Armani’s summer linen. Armani’s jackets are still popular as they were at their first day of recognition.
Armani is selected by the famous artists and businessmen. This is a very expensive brand and is selected by the people who can afford it.
To sum up, our discussion we can say that Italian men love to look good and attractive. This is the reason that they like and love to wear unique kind of dresses that gain popularity amongst the whole world.

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